About member registration

Requirements of the registration

Submission of the prescribed application form and approval of the board are needed.

Documents required for registration

  1. JU NARA application form. (full member)
  2. Certified copy of land register( Also necessary in cases of lease)
  3. Joint and several guarantee certificates
  4. Lease (in the case of leasehold property*Copy is accepted if the original is shown.)
  5. Association registration application form
  6. Fair Trade Council registration application form

*Please use the registered seals for all the documents.*

[certificate of corporation seal/certificate of personal seal/certificate of guarantor seal]

Fee for registration

Item Price

*The Commercial
and Industrial

Registration fee 200,000yen
Investment 50,000yen


Registration fee 50,000yen
Annual fee
(Includes fair trade fee)
POS Registration fee 20,000yen
  Total 350,000yen

*To register as a full member it is necessary to register with both the Commercial and Industrial Association and the Association.

What is the Automobile Fair Trade Council (Kotorikyo)

Offering needed information for members to purchase cars and preventing unfair customer attraction for fair competition, are a social responsibility of the auto industry. To take on this responsibility fully, the "Code of Fair Competition" has been set as a common guide for auto industries and has established the Automobile Fair Trade Council (Kotorikyo)as an operating agency.

This council is a self-regulating organization and aims at creating trustworthy auto dealings through the "Code of Fair Competition". We recommend you to join the Council to achieve this common goal.

Aggregate Corporation Automobile Fair Trade Council